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Ive had an idea for a book in my head for a while, but im not sure if its a stupid idea or not. The setting is a world where everyone can use magic, and those who cant are called "defect" and are treated poorly. The main character is an old man, who later in the story turns young again and relies on his past knowledge of surviving without magic to help manage in his adventures with his friend who also cant use magic(sort of like Scrooge Mcduck). Another thing is that there are main characters in the book, AKA "chosen ones" and the main character(the old man) is more of a sidekick/nobody in the whole "story" perspective. Its as if you followed a sidekicks adventures alongside the chosen ones. I know it sounds stupid, but the point of the book is supposed to show that you dont need prophecies telling you that you are special, because everyone is. It problaby sounds stupid and cliche, but I would love to hear your opinions.

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  • You basically described the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony

  • I didnt even read the description, because what makes a good book is primary the usage of language. If a book is well written, the story can be as weird and stupid as it gets, people would still love it. So learn to write, find a very special style and take a lot of time to fit even the smallest detail into the image youre creating.

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