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I find it ironic that my PE teacher is telling us how we should have a diet and exercise everyday and yet he's the fattest motherfu*cker in class.

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  • My PE teacher is great too. I can't tell you all of it, because lots of it needs physical demonstrations, but I'm going to try to list the most stupid things she did. 1. Show us a kind of jump (for dance, it wasn't even dancing what she did, I don't know what she did, but it wasn't dancing) and ripping her pants in the process. 2. Telling us to circle an arm backwards and trying to demonstrate it while circling it the wrong way round, even after we told her 5 times and each time she tried again and got it wrong. 3. Telling us she'd film us dancing and show us the clips, to delete them right after, then getting out her camera and remarking: "Oh, look, the ones from my last class are still on here!" 4. And now comes what made me really, literally hate the woman. I was ill and not allowed to do sports in cold air, because I had a problem with my lungs. I told her I could participate, but only if we stayed in the building, which she said was the plan anyway. Then, as the rest of the class arrived, she told us she'd prepared a run in the park next to our school with stations we needed to get in a particular order. I told her I couldn't participate then, she told me I had to or else she would fail me for PE and Maths (which she would have done ... did I mention she also divided 1 by zero and got 1 out of it? I have no clue how this person even got through her time at school ...). Then she proceeded to tell us she would all the while sit in the café to drink tea, because she had a cold. (She didn't.) Well, guess who collapsed and had to get taken to hospital by an ambulance because my lungs started failing. Me.

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