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I want to be an artist but I've been so demotivated by family and amazing artist online that I no longer know what to do with myself. I pick up the pencil and just draw the shittest things and don't complete them, it really frustrates me and now I am depressed and have no plans for the future.

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  • yeah,i'm sure that's something you want so bad... people don't support you and all of a sudden you can't do it anymore.. sure.. you must want it SO badly..

  • Listen. Don't let anyone - ANYONE - ever talk you down. Only you know what you're capable of, and only you know how to achieve it and show the world what you can do. My biggest wish was always to be an author, and my family was never supportive. They even took my laptop and my USB sticks from me to keep me from writing so I could concentrate on school, although I got top grades. And guess what. Now I've moved out for university (studying literature - yeah, family, f*** you) and I have actually finally published my first book. And it's starting to become successful. Really successfull. So don't give up on your dreams. Believe in yourself. You can do it. Being an artist has nothing to do with your family or that other guy (Who does he think he is, only because he already is successfull doesn't mean he can tell you not to pursue art as a carreer!), it is a thing that only has something (and that something is quite a lot!) to do with yourself. Art is a piece of our soul we give to the outside world. And, guess what. I know an artist who was in a similar situation. Lots of people told him his art is terrible. They told him he'd never be able to make a living of it. That guy was Pablo Picasso. Ever heard of the german group of expressionists called KG Brücke? If not, check them out. They were basically attacked by critics. And they're awesome. Everyone who got famous, everyone who brought something new to the world, and basically every single artist, author, musician, dancer ... had to face some a$$holes that told them sh*t to bring them down. So don't let them bring you down. They try to keep the brightest stars down in the dirt so they don't shine bright enough to drown out their own light. Don't. Give. Up. I believe in you. And I hope you do, too.

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