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I don't like kids and I don't want any why can't anyone comprehend this? Damn all my life my family has tortured me about this because their sexist assholes who think that all women are capable of is reproducing. There is enough goddamn people on this world I do not have the need to populate it even more.

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  • nobody would take care of u when u are older

  • My best friend doesn't want kids and never has. My boyfriend also hates children, but I love them and make fin of him telling him eventually he will have to look after one xD Anyway, there's no problem with that. I know tons of people who would prefer to spend their time and money in theirselves, travelling, discovering... Rather than changing diappers. If tour couple ever wants kids, you will have to talk about it and both make a sacrifice, I don't know. My bf says he would hate to be a father but he would never take that away from me, and if the time comes he will do his best. And in the other hand I will never fool him or pressure him about kids. Works both ways.

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