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one of my best friends saved my life. I was involved in an accident, he called the emergency number, but he thinks he caused the accident. The details are hard to explain but now we hardly talk. I cannot tell him about my life because I'm in daily therapy still because of it, but when I tell him about it, I'm still afraid he feels guilty. he barely shows his emotions and I'm scared that we will stop being friends over this. I don't want to lose him but I don't want him to feel guilty either so sometimes I think it might be better to actually stop all contact betweeen us, for the sake of both our feelings.

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  • give him time to digest....eventually after u r ok finishing the therapy thingy u go to him and be friends again..he maybe just couldn't see u get hurt..esp when he thought it was his fault..u can make it 😊

  • Habla con él.

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