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I'm horrible with the opposite sex, and I finally got close to someone who I liked, and seemed to like me back( the opinion of friends and family), but it turns out that they think I'm a great guy, and the best guy she's ever met, but she isn't looking for a relationship, so I proved that I was right, but at the same time feel horrible, because, I knew that nothing would come from it, but I ruined a friendship that I had worked on for about three years, all based on the opinion of friends and family. Now, everyone seems to think that I said something to ruin a relationship that wasn't there, and my reputation has gotten worse, even though I thought that was impossible. Anyway, I just returned to my normal self, and confused the crap out of people with my non caring attitude, and chilled vibes, but honestly, I'm kind of angry that I didn't listen to myself, and instead relied on everyone else to make a decision for me.

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  • Be yourself. Feeling down makes u self pity. get up and observe what just happen...and ACCEPT the way life is..Best Wishes to u

  • Nevermind, it all worked out.

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