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I am a 20 year old girl and sometimes I am really afraid of loosing my parents or my brother. I love my family so much, I couldn't image a life without them. My dad is my idol, my mum is a wonderful mother and wife and my brother will be an amazing doctor, husband and dad someday, I just know that. Guys I know that some of you have big problems with their families

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  • I'm also a 20 year old girl... But everything happened the other way round. I used to admire my parents so much, my father was wise, my mother my friend, but in the last two years me and my sister moved out because of college and they've lost their mind. My father treats me as if I'm 14 years old, tries to tell me where to go and who to ser when though I'm un another city and making my own money, and my mother has become a religious extremists (she just keeps praying all the time, goes to church everyday... That's OK, but once she yelled at me I failed an examen because I didn't pray enough. Religion is everything to her now) because she feels lonely. I've lost all respect for them in the past moths, but I miss how it used to be.

  • Blood family is everything we have in life, some people don't know how to take care and have a good relationship with them, it is great you do.

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