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I'm 21 years old I had a beautiful baby boy nine months ago I knew his father since the 3 rd grade we lost 7 years of communication we reconnected in January of 2013 and started dating the next month 5 months into our relationship we decided to have a baby once I got pregnant he began to stay out late drink , smoke and have naked pictures of other girls body parts mind you I've never done this to him our relationship started to crumble once his family started interfering I'm so hurt because for 1 year and 11 months I've been nothing but faithful honest and loyal to him should I give him a second chance ? should I leave him I'm so clueless as to what to do. I mean he is the father of my child I want a family but I don't want to get disrespected either or lied to what should I do ?

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  • Be a good example for your child, and do not tolerate abuse!

  • he just realized that he ruined his life having a baby being so young and immature, try to understand him, you both have to be ADULTS and face together what you have done.

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