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I messed up badly.. I been married for awhile now... things havent been good we dont talk we dont do things.. things have been like this for a few years.. at the beginning i tried but you kind of give up when there is no effort on the other persons part..anyways regardless of everything I didnt think that I would be a person to decieve my husband.. I went out with a few co-workers and of course we all drank.. all of the sudden this kid 22 year old that works with me he just kissed me and i kissed him back.. never even thought he was attractive..a few more kisses but nothing else .. now i cant even look at this kid and i have to work with him.. thank god no one else noticed atleast this is what i think.. i feel so bad.. so guilty .. i dont know if i should just confess to my husband.. feel so rotten..

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  • thank you all.. i have a lot to think about

  • it doesnt matter if you tell him or not, the point is that you need to divorce him asap, you relationship isnt healthy anymore, next time you arent just to kiss a workmate, next time you have an apportunity like that, you are going to finish in his bed. You and your husband deserve to be happy and you both together arent anymore, you should both divorce and split your lifes before it becomes worse.

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