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I personally think that its worse when a woman cheats than when a man cheats. When a make cheats, it's because he's simply trying to get his rocks off. If he stoops so low as to chat in the first place, he had little regard for the pain he's going to bone. Females, on the other hand, put more thought into it. When it comes to sex, most women just give themselves up. "Take me, my body is ready" and ask that bullshit. It's more of a two sides ordeal with females. I can't really put my feelings into words but... is just worse. Men cheat because they're in robot mode. A robot with a hard dick, that is. Women are always aware of what they're doing. I mean....I would feel worse if a guy friend of mine got cheated on mood than what I would feel if a lady friend got cheated on. On this subject, one of the two things that get to me most these days is how women tell other women, "if he breaks your heart, fuck his best friend". I swear to god that the first documented bitch in history said that. That one line, one sentence, one dumb piece of advice is the quintessence of bitchiness. I'm not sexist or nothing, call it what you want. This is just one make individuals personal confession. Now.... judge me.

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  • Nah man. its equal on both sides.

  • I'm pretty sure a man is aware of what he is doing. Self control is a thing

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