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I am a father of 2 wonderful kids (7 and 4) and lay year my wife and I separated. I was always very close to my kids and them to me. My ex "found" a new man 2 months after we ended and she moved in with him 4 months after our separation. My ex and I were civil and worked out that our children will spend equal time at both our homes. Increasingly in the past few months my kids have voiced that my house "is not their home" and disapproval at having to come stay with me at all. I'm thinking of leaving. Start fresh somewhere new, no advance notice, just a goodbye and checks will be in the mail. I don't feel like they want me around anymore and it kills me... We were always so close... I can't be here anymore.

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  • Thank you everyone for being so candid with me. I had a moment of weakness last night and simply putting voice to my frustration help me recover my zen. Thank you all for your words and honesty, and not just saying what you think I'd want to hear. I truly appreciate it.

  • damn, it is a really hard situation, i can imagine the furstration you should feel.... i dont want kids in my life and that's a decision i took together with my wife, so not sure what to tell you... maybe you should try to be a cooler dad with them and less authoritarian.... your wife is a f**g whore by the way.

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