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So every year for my high school choir we go to this regional competition (well not really competition more like we just get judged on our performance) and so many other high schools of the region perform too. Last year in March we went to this event and me and my best friends were checking out the guys to see if we were attracted to any of them. So then this one high school comes into the auditorium and I turn around to see this beautiful and handsome 6 foot blue eyed blonde guy. I turned to my friends and told them that I just HAD to get to know this guy. So I got the guts to walk over to his section and introduce myself. Later once most of the performances were done I got to see him in the lobby and I got his snapchat. So we were snapchatting for a few months but he seemed to lose interest because he was giving me very short responses. Then I found out he had a girlfriend this whole time so I stopped snapchatting him. It's almost been a year since we've talked but he's still in my contacts and honestly I still really want to talk to him. Should I?

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  • I wrote this confession and don't know how to reply unanimously so I was just going to say that you all make great points and I am happy for the advice you have given me. I have definitely decide to just leave that guy long behind and won't talk to him at all.

  • Nooooooooo. Don't be 'that girl' For real he stopped messaging you because he knew it was wrong, take a hint. Don't be a homewrecker, it always ends badly. Also just think f you were his gf how woud you feel if another girl who had a crush on him tried to get in contact? Not nice, oh and this situation makes you sound a bit creepy/ desperate tbh.

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