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I just got my spanish test back. I got F again. But this time in did study in time. I sadly studied the wrong chapter. If i fail in Spanish i migth not be able to be a lawyer. I am not even supposed to speak Spanish as a lawyer!!! I already now 3 languages. Why is the school built that if you fail in one subject you will never be able to follow your dream. I hate SWEDEN. I am an A student. And one subject will fuck it all upp. I wish my parents made me do my homework. I wish they forced me to do more math. I have worked to pay for myself since 13. I'm sick of this. Gimme a sugar dad.

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  • Take responsibility for your own actions! It sounds like first you did not try at all then you only half tried.

  • sätt högskoleprovet så behöver du inte mycket mer än bara ett godkänt i spanska, vilket inte är omöjligt för en 'A student' ;)

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