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I'm a guy and i have a girlfriend. But idk if I'm straight or bi. I've never been with another man and have never fallen in love with one. But when i think about having sex with another guy in my mind I'm actually enjoying it. Also many times i dream of having sex with my best friend (guy). So can somebody help me to know that? Is there any certain way to know if you are bi?

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  • No doubt that you are, bro.

  • I agree; just be yourself. Also, a good way to test yourself as to whether or not you are, in fact, sexually attracted to other men, is to watch some high-quality porn. personally, I recommend www.PornHub.com. It is 100% free, and has an excellent selection for anyone's taste. That should definitely do the trick; you'll know what you like as soon as you see it.

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