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I just found out that the man that I've been seeing for nearly four years, the only boyfriend I've ever had, the man who's been pestering me to marry him and give him children set up a Tinder profile behind my back looking for 'fun' . I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart. I don't even know how to react, I'm so humiliated, hurt, embarrassed and angry that I feel almost numb. We share a flat and the lease isn't up for another 6 months. The rent comes out of his account, now I'm tempted to just move out when he's not here and let him pay the full rent and try to move on somewhere else. Why say that you love me, ask me to give you marriage and children if you're trying to cheat at the same time, whyyyyyy?

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  • leave that ASSHAT and make him pay for all that shit sucks this happened to you

  • i feel sorry for you. a lot of people get married for the stability it provides, be it for someone who pays the bills or takes care of the house and kids while at same time they are serial cheaters.

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