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I'm infertile. My doctor just told me this today. I only went there because I my period is way too painful and to strong, and I thought with the right medication everything's going to be alright, but nope - rare condition, nothing we can do, oh, by the way, did you want kids? Sorry, not going to happen. I mean, I'm only eighteen and I don't even really like kids. I never thought I would ever want them up untill now. And now that I know I can't have kids, all I can think of is all the "what-if"s. How my life could have been later on. I mean, if I change my mind, I can adopt, but still, I think it's not fair. There's this one girl in my school who had already three abortions, and then there's me.

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  • feel blessed you cant have kids, planet dont need more jerky kids

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