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I was a little overweight for my height and age, I'm 5'4 and weigh 127. My mom made me feel so bad everyday. She called me fat and told me no guy will ever want me. Not only that but she monitored my food, she packed my lunch which consists of 10 grapes exactly two strawberries and a yogurt which isn't bad until we get to dinner. While they all eat hamburgers or pizza I have to eat a small salad with water. After dinner I'm was not allowed to eat anymore no matter how much I beg nor how hungry I am. Now I am underweight way underweight and am anorexic. Thanks mom for f**** my life up. Never show your face around me again stupid bitch.

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  • well,can't you just eat some burgers and get your weight back up? i mean the way you say it,looks like you're not living with your mom anymore. burguers are cool

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