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I had a wonderfull relationship with this girl, we were together for 4 years.. Out of thin air she dumps me, i dont know the reason why..i was depresed and suicidal for a long time.. After some time I pulled myself togther and got a bit better..I started going out again..and now every sigle fu*king time i go out i see her, i live in a town of almost 2 mil. people..?!?! WTF..?!?! When i see her she is with some ''Lemmylookalikeduchebag'' and I can't stand to be in the same room with her..it still hurts me like it did in the past..I loved this girl, with all my heart..and it seems i cant get over her, i still have some feelings for her but now i hate her, she made my life a living hell..it's been 5 years from the breakup and i'm falling apart, i can feel it..

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  • With that kind of attitude I think we all know why she dumped you

  • same here :((

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