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I have recently started to hate my body. I've never been satisfied with how I look but now it's worse than ever. Most of all I hate my boobs, even though I get compliments for them every now and then. But I just hate them, I think they're disgusting. There's nothing "wrong" with them, they're normal but I just hate them. And I want to get a boob job. And I hate that I do. I hate that I can't feel satisfied with myself and feel like I need to get a boob job to be "good enough". And I know that IF I ever go through with that operation I will probably find something else that I feel like I need to change. I will never be satisfied, I will never like myself. I hate my thoughts on this.

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  • there has never been something more terrible and disgusting than a body shaped by surgeries. if you think it's bad now,don't try and make it worse. unless that's your thing,than go ahead. Peace

  • what you really need is mind and brain job, and the best for that are BOOKS.

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