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I used to drink too much ... way too much. Now that I'm sober, I abuse my prescription medications. I believe that I always have to take something in order to feel the way I want to feel, which is to say better than I do at that moment. I carry a small pharmacy with me wherever I go (in my briefcase), and I am never without it. I've convinced myself over the years that, with my social skills and personal contacts, I could always have whatever I need as far as pharmaceuticals are concerned, and that has turned out to be the case every time. I hold an important professional legal position within my respective community, and am therefore above suspicion of such behavior. I, quite literally, have a pill for any emotional state that I wish to induce. I occupy a job in which confidentiality is an absolute must, not an option. The level and frequency to which humans deceive one another, to which I've had the unfortunate station of bearing personal witness to over the years, is appalling to say the very least. I therefore do not trust people at all, particularly the ones who have, like myself, sworn an oath to uphold that information of a most secretive nature. So, this is my first confession.

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