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I hate how I helped my bestie through a problem with her ex and her current boyfriend and she always said that she will never put her boyfriend over her friends and she promised us all she wouldn't especially me since I helped her through everything... Guess what she turns around and does it and its hurting me more than everyone cause I'm the closest to her she is like family but I'm the type to keep it bottled up and not tell her how I truly feel.

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  • she doesnt understand what friendship is. if she is still putting a guy above her friends then she's just an ass. next time she falls and needs to be picked up, dont. just dont help her no more, do try anything, just leave her alone and remove her from your life cause thats all she's going keep doing cause thats all she thinks a friendship is. yeah you are suppose to help friends but also be there inbetween as well. she only sees the friendship whenever she gets dumped, thats all she wants you around for. unless this is the friendship you want then stay with her but if its bugging you that much then just move on. remove her from all social media, remove her number and just move on.

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