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As a kid,i grow up in a very isolated part of town,next to a patch of woods,and while i wasn't much of a talker,not even to my parents,i tried to learn about life by watching the animals around. of many many things i learned,one is that the male is always the one who presents itself to the female. she has the power to say 'yes' or 'no'. while the male either gets what he wants,or deals with the rejection,because a male is supposed to be strong,both physically and emotionaly. i brought that to real life too. i come up to a girl if i like her,and present myself. she can either say yes or no,and i can deal with the rejection if it's the later. on the last few years i've seen a lot of conversations on the internet about gender roles,and how wrong they are,how stupid etc. i just try to ignore it. for me,there will never be nothing wiser than nature,and i will continue to learn things from it,and will do so till i die.

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  • Watch hyenas. Learn more.

  • And what happens to the male animals who are too afraid/too shy to present themselves ? Do they stay lonely forever or does the female animal make the first move and then they live happily ever after ?

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