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my brother recently got a girlfriend and she HATES ME! me and my brother have been on our own since our parents passed away in a car accident. I live with him in his apt. (he's 26 and I'm 17).she tells me I'm a burden to him and that I should have died instead of my parents.Some times when I walk in to his house she jumps all over him and tells him she wants to have sex so he can ask me to go buy some pizza or go to a "friends" house. Usually I just walk and sit on a bench since I have no friends. One time her sister came and she gave her "my" room and made me sleep on the floor. And of course my brother is oblivious because she does it all behind his back. Sorry for the length I just don't know what to do anymore. I cut, I smoke, I even take pills but nothing helps and I just want to give in and end this pathetic life of mine.

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  • tell your brother, for fucks sake, please, she's a bitch and you and your brother don't deserve this, PLEASE TELL HIM, PLEASE

  • Tell your brother

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