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Sometimes I wish I could start over my life while keeping all the knowledge I have and see the butterfly effect .

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  • Okay, I can't stand it. I vowed to myself not to be a smartass any more, and I know exactly what you mean and I'd like to do the same, but it's not the butterfly effect. It's the domino effect. The butterfly effect is a part of the chaos theory, meaning: Somewhere in the world, a butterfly flaps his wings, and without knowing it, the butterfly caused a tsunami to hit Japan or an earthquake to hit Haiti, while the domino effect means: You change one given condition and observe the changes that it triggers, like a domino falling over and taking a chain of other dominos down. Good. Now I said it. I feel better :D Sorry for being a smartass, but I couldn't help myself. Now that it's said, I can approve. :)

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