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Im a girl, but why I often interested in a gay man. Im not lesbian, but I think a gay man somehow is cute n hot, specially with a bubbly butt, makes me want to slap hard n squezze. but dont think i will get one as bf. or do i need change my self as a man

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  • most girls do. i used to go out with my gay friends and act kinda gay-ish and girls would go crazy. i think it's because when the gay is supposed to not even like women,but you somehow get him to have sex with you,you feel very sexy and very girly,like you are ''so sexy you can turn a gay man straight''. at least that's what i think. i don't do that anymore cuz it was kinda of a assholeish move. but the experience helped me to have knowledge to answer your question,so,all experiences are valid somehow. Peace

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