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im sitting here, the worlds biggest loser, imagining im someone totally else. Thinking how awesome it must be, to walk into the living room, sunny day shining outside the backyard and see your wife/partner/girlfriend, someone you completley love and who loves you back and just og up to them and hold them form behind, press your cheek against hers and just smile...no words needing to be said, just blissful comfortable silence..a perfect moment. wow. Too bad, haha guess some dreams are just dream huh.

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  • what is stopping you? get a job make friends save for a house.

  • NEVER stop dreaming, when you least expect it your fantasy can come true, it also needs more details to become true... do you both own that house? if so, why? what are you profressions in that fantasy? how is she dressed? where exactly is the house located? what kind of view has the house? how long have been you together in that fantasy? how did meet her?, etc etc etc... among more details you add to yiur fantasy, there is more chance it becomes true. It is called the law attraction, you have to be very creative to make it work in your favor.

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