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i had this super erotic and weird dream. in the dream i could be hired by women but to serve one specific purpose. i would go to their houses,be chained down,and they had one house to do whatever they want with me. i woke up so hard damn,i wonder if that could even be possible in real life... i'm a weightlifter and have done some modeling jobs btw,so,would the looks count or women just don't go for this type of thing?

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  • That type of job is generally known as 'Prostitution' and is illegal in a lot of places. It's usually done by women, but you wouldn't have a lot of competition. Just make sure it is legal where you live/where you'll do it or you could seriously get arrested.

  • yes, it is possible, it is called prostitution, you can post an ad on craigslists selling yourself and turn your dreams into reality

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