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I just had my last cigarette at 12:00am. I never thought it would be this hard to stop. I wish I would of never ever started smoking.

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  • Okay, update!!! It is now three days later and I have not had a cigarette, well, a whole cigarette. I have had maybe a half of one if that... I'm using sunflower seeds and suckers. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. The only problems so far is my mouth is always dry.

  • a good way to gradually reduce ur nicotine consume may be an e-cigarette with 6mg nicotine-liquid(if u are a heavy smoker higher dosage might be better). get urself a double set so u have a spare e-cig when the batteries on the first one are empty. i didnt smoke a cigarette in 4 months now. i barely had no withdrawal effects and im gradually reducing the amount of nicotine that gets into my lungs. I dont have issues at all if i stop vaping for a day or two, i just keep doing it because i like it and wanted to reduce the effect on my lungs. maybe this helps u. good luck!

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