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A few years ago I did something really really stupid and my girlfriend left me. If I'm completely honest I used to take her for granted very badly as well. When she left I realized how stupid I was. I never got over it and no one ever matched up to her. She deleted me off everywhere so I couldn't even contact her. I finally found her a few days ago on Facebook. I'd found it so hard to found because I hadn't realized that she had changed her name. She'd gotten married and had a baby with someone else. The guy looks pretty similar to me, my girlfriend always did have a type and looking at their beautiful baby makes me realize that's pretty much how our baby would have looked if we'd had one. I'm so full of grief I've lost the love of my life and my best friend. Not only that I've lost the chance to have had children with her, I can't cope, I can't move on - I've tried but I'm too in love with her. The pain is excruciating.

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  • well, you had your chance, now is too late. someday you will probably get over it, but it will be always on the back of your mind, have a good day c:

  • Nothing you can do now...I feel the same way

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