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I am a bad person. I hate seeing beggars, addicts and homeless people all over town. It's not that I hate them, not at all. But they make me feel so bad, I just want to walk around town, go shopping or whatever but I can't do that comfortably with them begging me for money all the time. I don't even have any money, I am unemployed and broke as f***, I don't need them to make me feel even worse. I can't even enjoy the things that is supposed to be free - like taking a walk because of all the beggars. And the homeless/addicts.. they remind me of my parents, they're both addicts, but thank god not homeless. But seeing homeless people reminds me that it could have been them. Shit, I just want to be able to take a walk in my own city without having to be reminded of these things and feel like shit. And thinking this way makes me feel even worse. F*** man..

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  • I feel the same, and I hate how we have to feel guilty about it.

  • if you try to help them with voluntery works for your community will will feel better

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