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So, I'm a introvert with commitment and trust issues (parents cheated and divorced), making it hard for me to express my feelings... And now I'm in love and dating the best guy I've ever met. He's so caring and loving, but I find it hard to show him how I feel. (Other than sex), Any suggestions?

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  • A fellow introvert speaking. I mean, as the guy below said: Food and sex are awesome, even as a girl I think so ... when it comes to my girlfriend, I seriously don't know which is better :D But I also have discovered, rather than speaking, I am good at expressing my feelings when I write. I'm not much of an artist, but I'm pretty good at writing. She paints me the most beautiful pictures, and I dedicate books to her. I write her letters, little notes, when she has to go to school and I have the day off university, I get up super early, make her a packed lunch and put a note in it, before I awaken her with breakfast in bed. I watch Star Wars with her, although I am more of a Star Trekker. And I let her wear my Jeffrey Campbell shoes. (I guess the last one won't work with your boyfriend, although I assume he'd look fabulous :D) I ride rollercoasters with her, even though I'm extremely afraid of heights, and I went to four polish weddings last year. Three days in a row of drinking so much vodka that I'm sure my brain was only made up of three cells afterwards - no clue how it recovered. Well, basically, except for the love letters, I do stuff for her that she knows is difficult for me. Because she does the same. I'm complicated and have some issues, and I can't even recall how often I hit her in my sleep because of nightmares, but she's always there for me. So I try to do the same. This is basically not much advice, but more of my story, but I kind of thought you'd be able to conclude your own ways out of it. I don't know your boyfriend, so I can't tell you exactly what he'd like. Listen to him. Remember the little things. Little gifts, little favours, things he always wanted to do. Give him a special edition of his favourite book/game/movie (although it really works the best with books, I guess ...) and just pay attention. I know it sounds like much work, but for me, it was always worth it. Because I love nothing more then her smile.

  • Being a dude,what i love girls do to me second than sex, is food. pancakes,pies,cookies... all that shit. you could try. Peace

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