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I'm 21 years old guy, I'm fun, have lots of friends and I feel loved by them, I'm a nice person and people like to be around me. But I've neven been on a relationship or even got a kiss. Thats because I'm ugly and unnatractive. People say "what matters is your personality" but my personality hasn't got me anywhere. My not-so-cool and nice friends have lots of girls just because of their looks. I fell depressed just to think that I'll die alone and probably unkissed.

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  • My husband is not the most attractive man I've ever been with. Not even in the top 50, but he and I love each other, I couldn't imagine life without him. Truly, looks aren't everything, and hopefully one day someone worthwhile will prove it to you.

  • Well, I'm considered extremely pretty by most people I meet. And I dated the ugliest guy I ever met, because he seemed like a really, really nice person when we met. As it turned out later, he wasn't - he was a stalker who had watched me for months to know what I'm like and who kind of chased me down so he could adapt to my personality and later became abusive and stuff, but that's not what this is about. What I want to tell you is: We don't go for the look. Well, the ones of us that are still believing in things like love and actually have something that can be called a personality. One of my best friends is with a guy that's seriously ugly for a year now, because he's sweet and really lovely to her. Love is not about looks. Yes, good looks help to get girls, but if you really get to know them, they don't matter anymore. Countless guys that were smoking hot tried to pick me up since I am 14, but the only one that I ever had a relationship with is the guy that looked like he lost an argument with a lawnmower, who I thought to have an awesome personality back then. Well, now he has an awesome restraining order and I have awesome new karate skills, but still - if I ever meet a guy who matches my personality that well without pretending it and being a scary ass stalker, believe me, his looks will be the last thing that matter. So don't worry. Stay awesome. Don't let it get to you, and don't be shy. Just talk to girls normally, if you don't look good, try to connect to them on an intellectual level, form an emotional bond. Those relationships last the longest, anyway. I hope you find a good woman. I really do.

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