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I work in an office job that forces me to call the same two vendors at least x4 daily. In the months to follow, I've developed an intense flirtation with one of them. Finally, after who knows how long we meet face to face at a party near his place. Not only is this man physically gorgeous, he's got unbelievably similar core values and is fun and funny to boot. Be it the beer or the crush, we end up hooking up and have the most unbelievable sex imaginable. I awake the next morning to a text saying "he wants to keep things casual" because of a long distance girlfriend from who knows where. Now, not only do I still have to work with him on a daily basis and keep it professional, if I say anything about it or act awkward at all I'll get fired for jeopardizing the business relationship between companies. The worst part, despite the girlfriend, and the lying --- and knowing better, I still want this man to call me. I haven't felt that special and attractive and wanted in years.

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  • You never are going to get this guy. You need to move on. You had a great experience that night, you will have to live with it just being that. Mourn what could have been, and move on.

  • just have fun with him. it is good for you.

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