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My cooking style is called "Put a Bit of Everything in the Spice Cabinet in There". I put oregano on everything. Spaghetti. Burgers. Ramen noodles. Rice. Curry goes on everything too. And onion powder. Garlic powder. Chili powder. I even put cinnamon in the spaghetti noodles before and it turned out good. I put a little bit of apple cider vinegar on my burger patties while they're cooking. Jalepeños in spaghetti, both in the noodles and the sauce I made, is magical. Heck, I'll put jalepeños on my turkey sandwich. Dust the bread with onion powder. Mix a bunch of spices with mayonnaise and mustard, it's awesome. As a white person from an all white family, I grew up in a family seriously lacking in spices. No way am I going back to unseasoned spaghetti.

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  • I put BBQ Dry Rub on EVERYTHING!

  • je, nice, i think i feel hungry right now.

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