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i wish i had that cute girlfriend who acts like a kid and who is clingy rather than a independent kind of woman. i like the feeling of someone is dependent on me and i will defend her no matter what because it also makes me feel like a hero.

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  • omg i wish to have a boyfriend like that

  • I have been in a relationship once, with a girl who suffered from anorexia. I was the only one who knew this, and she was overly attached to me and constantly needed my help. She often felt insecure, and I could not go to certain parties because the fact that girls were also present there made her feel even more insecure. I loved her really much, but it was also too much. Luckily, at one point, she didn't need me anymore. But it could've ruined my social life and people at school still remember us as the clingy kissing couple. But I've moved on to a better life.

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