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should I forgive my father and start answering his call? It's been years since last time we talked

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  • I know that feel bro. I am also Asian, and I understand the pressure that goes along with being Asian. Especially traditional Asians. One advice I can give you is that resentment will only bring you more pain later in life. Be grateful for what you do have, and not for what you don't have. He has completed his duties as a father, the only way he knows how. But he did it for you, not for himself. And why should he try to reconcile with you when he's done so much for you? Forgive him and move on. You can't change the past, you can only change the future. I'm sure he doesn't have many years left, do you want to live his last years in bitterness?

  • So .... your dad (who paid for you education. He must have or could not have forced you) wanted you in a secure future, and you are working (unlike many people) and are unhappy for it. 1. You are a selfish ass! 2. You could have been a man and not taken the wonderful gift of his money ... and did what you wanted. 3. Many would have killed to have your opportunities.

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