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(18 YO Boy) From my childhood onwards, I have these bulges on my chest. The fact is that it looks as if I have boobs, while looking from an angle. When I wear a t-shirt or say my school uniform(shirt and pants) and look in the mirror I look like a women with boobs. This made me uncomfortable. Whenever I go into the crowd I have a feeling that someone is looking at my chests. This increases my social anxiety and makes me lose my inner confidence. Whenever friends invite me to their parties,I mostly refuse it with some excuses. I cannot even talk to the girls properly ie, whenever I talk to my female classmates I try to hid my chest by putting my arms a bit forward. Now the girls think I'm weird , creep ,pervert, etc. This makes me so down. I first thought it was fat and reduced eating fatty foods and started doing pushups regularly with a bit of cardio exercises. I reduced my weight but not my chest size. I did pushups regularly until and unless i came upto the knowledge that they are not fat inside my chest rather they are some kind of gland tissue or something. I googled and came to the knowledge that its gynecomastia.

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  • Get over it. Some girls think that is hot, so stop acting weird about it and most won't notice.

  • Number one plastic surgery on men ... breast reduction. You are not alone.

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