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Its going to break my heart but i feel the only way i can stop feeling so lonely is to break up with my daughter's mother.. I can't really care less for her mother anymore, but i am afraid that some she's just 3 years old, will be turned against me of i walked. Ive been with her because i want my daughter to remember me and remember what sort of person i am before her mum turns her against me

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  • I left my ex after suffering years of a failing marriage, we each had depression issues due to abusive childhoods. We are both active in our son's life, and I do everything in my power to make sure he has a chance to be a good father, even if it makes my current husband upset sometimes.

  • Its called "In sickness and in health" but so many people think the "in sickness" part doesnt apply to them... Seriously you want to leave your wife because she's depressed after an abusive upbringing? Marriage means you marry the other person's problems too and you should help her fight them. If you dont love her (like a lover) anymore, try to love her as the mother of your child and as your friend. Maybe you can raise yorur daughter together and help her out as a friend. Talk to her.

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