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Everyone around me knows what they wanna do with their lives and what university they'll go to. I have no idea, no clue as to what I'll even become nor where I'll go. All my life I just wanted to become something big and better, a hero, I know it's kind of stupid but Idk. I just don't want to lead this pathetic life that I have.

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  • Life is all bout changes. I went to university, because i really want to be away from home, but then i realize that the course was shit so i give up, i started driving lessons and a hairdresser course. Two amazing years. And know, i'm taking by night a tourism course and i'm loving. Then i ask what a i want to be in the future? Well , the answer is , i want to work in this areas and never stop learning. Because isn't a job that will make you feel better about your life.

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