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Hi! I don't believe in soulmates, but i want to share this, i remember the first day that i saw him, i just think, "omg, he looks like the man of my dream", and guess what? he really is the perfect man for me. I never tell him that. You know, you can met new people but in the end, is him the one i want. I can't look to her without fell something in my stomach. His face, his shine, is eyes, voice, ....awwwww i know that he will be the man of my life, but ...i he is very shy and i think that he don't like me , he just think that i'm funny and cute. This is my love story. The other part of my love story is that i just date with wrong boys.

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  • I'm with him now, in a beautiful friendship with benefits.

  • I think he loves you too but it.s harder for him to express it since you said he.s shy. Telling you what he likes about u is what I would do as a shy person. And everyone around me tells me I.m too shy.

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