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3 and a half years ago, I got drunk at a bar with several coworkers. One of the group was a young man I was incredibly attracted to. Even though I knew he had a girlfriend (who was not present), I threw myself at him. I was really handsy with him and tried every thing I could to get him to come home with me. I apologized several times, but soon after he quit to work at another job. 2 years ago he came back to my work place and he completely ignores me. I try to do the same because I am ashamed of how I acted. I am still VERY attracted to him, and it torments me. We have the same circle of friends so it is hard to avoid each other. It is hard to describe my behavior that day, but I can say that if I had been a man, and him a woman, he could have pressed charges for sexual assault.

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  • what's your fee per hour?

  • He could have pressed charges regardless. Gender's got nothing to do with it. Be grateful he didn't.

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