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I'm mocked by my family for marching and protesting for social issues. but they sit there complaining and getting worked up over such small issues such as a ex or a mean friend. when they can put all that energy into trying to make the world a better place. that is why I can't feel bad for people crying over love lost or loneliness. There are way bigger issues that need to be taken care of.

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  • the Greater-good usually relates to societies best interests or humanities greatest interests. so to hell with your little emotional issues.

  • you are far from right what gives you the right to judge that your issues are better or affect others more than their issues , heartbreaks and pain are and could be worse than the worst physical pain, you can encourage them to a better participation in society concerns and development but it is certainly not by undermining their emotions and hard experiences, yes some have it worse but some have it so better.people are free to chose and so are you

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