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so i'm a 16 year old girl and i had a bad experience in elementry school. Almost all ot he school mates were calling me names like smelly or plague, and told me that i should get away from them as far as possible just so they could breathe, if i accidentaly toutched them, they would scream and started to run away from me...to be honest i never smelled bad or anything, but since we were kids in first grade i tought that they just made stuff up because they were bullies and will stop some day. But i was wrong, they called me names till the last day of school, they even ruined some of my stuff and made fun of me. I did tell the teacher about that but one day i just stopped trying because it didnt help. So i just told myselve that i just need to survive theese 9 years then i'm going away and never comming back. Day after day i heard thoose words, i tought that i had some friends, but when it came to the point where you have to choose between me and the "popular" kids they would rather choose them... Well i was never good at telling someone how i REALLY feel, usually i just said that i'm fine and smiled. But i was lonely an sad inside. I also told my family about that but i didn't want them to worry too much so i said that i ok and everything in school is great and i have a few good friends. Sometimes my mom even went to school and she would talk with the teacher and the principal about that and the next day everything was...better. But one week later it started again, they even put red paint on my hair and even made more fun of me. I-i ...just couldn't take it anymore. I've stopped eating, stopped talking, laughing,going outside...i just cried in my room and literary asked God for help ( i tried almost everything else, so i just hoped it might work...but it didn't). I sometimes tought what would it be like if i wasnt born, and that my family might have been happier without me...That school destroyed my entire childhood and i still feel the bain and the tears whenever i think about it. The thing i remmember the most was probable when i was in 9th grade (last one) and at the end of the year we would have a school dance and it was verry hard for me to find a dance partner in my class, cause all the boy disliked me, (but i had a lot of junger and older friends, guys/girls... so i've had that going for me...). but at the end i did find someone, he was a nerd and he wasnt very popular, but i didn't really care about that. But sadly when we had thoose dance practises we had to change partners...and when it was my turn tu dance with someone that made fun of me (and still does), he shouted " EEEEEEEEW NOOO DON'T TOUTCH ME! NO ONE WILL EVER DANCE WITH YOU OR EVEN COME CLOSE TO YOU YOU FILTHY PIG!". i didn't know what to do so i just kicked him in the knee and then i ran out of the gym where we had that dance. The dance teacher ran after me and asked me if i'm ok and if i still want to dance (i mean seriusly?? who is OK after those words??). I said that they are allways like that and i kinda got used to it but i still wouldn't like to dance... So i just sat on the bench and waited for my mom to come get me. But when she came, i went into the car and i couldnt stop crying. She was so angry that she went to my teacher, but she still couldnt prevent the fact that they would never stop bullying me... so finaly the last day of school was here and i saw everyone crying and saying ill miss you! and we will see each other every weekend! And there is me, i was so happy that 9th grade ended, the only thing i miss about that school were a few teachers... Now i started high school in a different city, that is 80 km away from my home town. So i stay in a student home during the week and come home for the weekend. I have REAL friends here, i'm much happier, i even got a boyfriend...but... then there come some days, where my friends arent near or are hanging out with other people and forget about me. Then i start remembering my past and start beeing depressed, sad and even cry sometimes. Like now, all this time i was writing this I was crying because there were so many bad memories i just cant forget, they haunt me at night, because of that school i stopped believing that i'm actually worth something or that i can make something right. So im not even sorry for this long post, and i dont really care much if you think it's pathetic, stupid or boring...i just need to know if someone has the same experience as i did. So thank you if you red it :')

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