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I was only 13 when I lost my virginty. We both had dogs so we walk them in the same park, and that's how I mer that guy who would change my entire personality. I had never liked a boy before, I was only 12 and all my school friends only worried about studies, exams and homework, so I wasn't interested in love until I saw him. Everytime he talked to me I hardly could talk, I was the happiest girl in the world when we had long and funny conversations. He was always telling me about all the beers he had drunk, all the cigarettes he had already smoked and all the joints he wanted to taste. He was 14 and I knew he didn't like me, he wasn't even good looking or a nice person, but love is blind are butterflies were playing in my stomach. Some things happenned, winter came, I was already 13 and I decided to lose contact. But I couldn't forget him. He treated me like shit, he touched my boobs (I had always had big ones) whenever he wanted and I didn't complained. One day he hit me so hard that my legs were bleeding and becoming purple and red. I thought it was only a kind of game, but at the end he started hitting me harder and harder. In June he was moving to another country and I thought it was hard time to kiss someone. And unfortunately, I chose him. We kissed and then he asked me to come into his house while he was touching my pussy. I said no few times but he told me that he loved me, tenderly, and I accepted. When we started fucking it really hurt me, I started to cry, telling him to leave me alone, to stop... I tried to get out of there but he didn't let me go. The following day, I asked him if we were dating. He answered me that he only thought that I was really hot and easy to manipulate. Every night the images come into my mind and I knot into my throat. Two years after, I saw him buying food at the supermarket. I was almost 16 and I had changed a lot. He comes next to me, touch my nose and told me "I know it's really late, but I'm sorry". That night, I couldn't help to cry. I won't forget him.

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  • Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate them. Respect goes before everything in life, and there are some people who still don't know about that

  • i am so scared this could happen to my daughter.

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