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hi there, a muslim woman, here looking foradvices and support from fellow muslims, I have this hard time understanding my own father, he doesnt pray and never thought me any arabic or pushed me toward religious knowledge, he treats my mother badly and made it clear he never wanted me, and I was a burden to him, these days, I feel like moving out. I am in my young twenties and I realized I am the only muslim girl I know who has to pay her tuition fees even though I know my parents can afford me an education, it hurts. I am in thousands dollars of debt and each time I dare talk about it, I am yelled at and treated like the worst piece of crap. The thing is in my head arent parents supposed to help and avoid riba and debt of all kinds to their daughters. My dad made it clear along the lines of why should I support your studies if I wont get any of your money but your future husband and family will, I always thought it was jokes, but no, he made me pay back the driving lessons I am obligated to take by law. The thing is I would have gave back all to my parents or at least te student loan if they at least paid it for me wholeheartedly if i saw good intentions , thinking of the interrest rate makes me cry sometimes. And now my parents have reached a new high or low, telling me they dont see why they should pay for my wedding that making me grow up was enough,I ll get married like some poor orphan, that i should work myself and they dont care, my mom seems opposed to it ut my dad repeat shamelessly, I decided to put a veil some years ago because i truly love god and after studying any religions my heart fell for it and got only discouraging comments of how are you going to get married and you make us look silly and retarded. I mean I am an average beauty, but who would want someone with debts, I have nothing prepared for my wedding, and the only jewelry received by my dad was a cheap bracelet and some tiny gold earrings. I mean you either take islam completely or reject it completely, the debt is killing me and i am so angry, I wonder if they ll make me pay rent next. When I talk to any of them about something tey say hey we pay this and that we pay your food and you live here for free so dont talk, they read my letters and want to know all the details of my life but they refuse to take fully care of me. My dad drive this super ugly car in a play pretend of poverty ( so no 3ein), while we live in a super giant house with a pool and a giant garden, I knw they could have afforded all my education and more. He is always claiming to poverty and knowing his thoughts of investing in your success s not for my own wealth I cannot but despise him. It isabig taboo to talk shit about our parents but even though you d be grateful for the good I cannot but feel that this whole sitation is hella wrong. enlighten me on my possibilities and if I am right or wrong fellow muslims also they wont let me get a job and wont let me move out. By living on my own the government will give me money instead of me making my debt higher and i ll be nearer to school, all I want is to study debt free, no party no guys that is my defiition of happinness no more tears at night over my debt. thanks to you all reading all of this and thanks salam

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  • I just wanted to drop by and wish you the best of luck. I'm christian, so i dont think i can give any real advice on the muslim front... But just as a woman-to-woman thing: get a job, move out, cut the ties with them and be independent. And when the time comes, dont marry a guy who doesnt support you. You sound very strong, dont let them get you down! You can do it!

  • Ditch him and the religion that oppresses you.

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