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To the one who called me twisted as well because I want the ISIS members to die, go ahead, call me one, if one of you family members are held captive or burned alive, would you wish them luck?

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  • Why are people even discussing ISIS? have you seen their recruting videos? they are just trying to recrut losers and bronies that don't have any friends,make them feel like they have a purpose in their lives.. it's not like i hate them,or want them to die,but i just wouldn't care if they died,and if they were really a treat,a decent army can take'em down.. i really don't care,they could all go fuck themselves..

  • Actually, I believe ISIS must be granted some understanding too... I don`t agree with their ideology, with their Sharia law or with their practices of beheading and mass-murder, but truth of the matter is that OPRESSION made ISIS what it is today. If USA and their allies wouldn`t have medled in the affairs of the Middle East for their own gain, maybe this wouldn`t have happened. I mean... put it like this... if you bombed a building next to me and accidentally killed my parents, siblings, lover because you don`t care about innocent lives lots, I would fucking strap an explosive vest to myself and march straight to you. So yeah... opression leads to fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to death. Anyone educated in political history and foreign relations knows that ISIS is the child of US.

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