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My boyfriend of 5 years told me last week that he would like a break of our relationship because he was to busy with work and things with us weren't going so great. So we broke up because i don't want to wait three months, hoping for him to get his shit together and then break up entirely. I thought he was the love of my life and his wish for a break came so suddenly. We had some problems and all, but he never said anything and everytime i asked, he said he was happy. When i visited him, he often played games or watched tv. He was talking to some online-friends in teamspeak, while i was sleeping and i often woke up because of that. When i was ill and suffered from my IBS with cramps straight out of hell, he would play games. He never took it seriously. I should have seen it coming, but i always hoped, that he would finally see, that he needs to treat me better. But instead he wrote me via whatsapp. After five years he didn't have the balls to look me in the face and tell me, that he needs a break. Or work on our relationship. You can't just press "pause" whenever you like. I also asked him a few days ago, if we could talk and if he could bring me my stuff, but he won't answer. So no i feel like i wasted five years of my life and he never deserved me.

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  • My BF did that with me, and I told him how I felt and gave him space. It was HARD, but in the end ... he invited me to is Teamspeak. He made me feel like part of the team. I even became the team healer, and moved on to mage when a new guy came and we made him healer. lol

  • He was being a drama queen and testing your love. You failed!

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