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like this boy im talking to for a cople weeks stops talking to me suddenly ad wwhen I ask to know the problem he says hes busy... I mean come on I asked you a simple question.. man up already and tell me you dont like me.

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  • Well...if he told you directly that he doesn`t like you, you might have whined about it. So..no matter what someone says, you`ll still be displeased. Why do you need confirmation? He said he`s busy, leave him the fuck alone to whatever he`s doing. If he was interested in you, he would have made time for you, don`t you think? But he`s making time for other stuff, not you, so he`s not into you. What`s so difficult to understand, do you want him to spell it for you and make it even more hurtful? Deal with it, accept rejection with your head held high and move on to the next one.

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