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Every Friday I go to stay at my "sisters" for the night but I really go to bars and pick up at least 2 men and have them pleasure me all night long. I only do this because my husband only wants sex to reproduce and I just want to be treat like a dirty little whore, last Friday I went home with 6 guys and I still can't walk properly. I don't count it as cheating as its never the same man twice and i blame my husband for it from the lack of attention.

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  • just imagine some of this guys will see you and him together and tell him you've been gangbanged by 6 strangers.... I would kill myself if I was him. please, at least drive 3 hours to do so. please!!!!

  • It's still cheating. I don't judge you for your sex life (heck, that shit sounds awesome), but if your marriage requires lying and deceiving, you shouldn't be together.

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