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I would like to create an App or a Website that people would find it useful and use it regularly. I'm thinking about this for 6 months but I have not reached yet to any idea. I have the skills to create, but without any idea it is worthless.

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  • One of the top demands now a days are miney earning sites even though there are many ckaiming to pay You for article writing or smilar tasks but most are scam and others are paying really low, if You afford to design such a site that pays people for their hard work than that will be a great idea.

  • it is pretty hard because you think everythink is already invented, but in some cases what is already invented just needs an added value to be even cooler and has more success, for example if you can create a similar confesster app and you add to the system the ability or an option so that confesser can be contacted by private message if they want to, it would make the app even cooler.... some already invented ideas just need to be reinvented in a cooler way, you dont have to think in something completely new that nobody has done before, facebook wasnt the first social network for example.

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